Boho Bedroom Decor

Just recently I moved house, and I saw this move as an opportunity to finally de-clutter a bit, and give my living space a much needed renovation. I decided to create a relaxing kind of oasis in my room, a place where I can go and meditate and just chill out. I hope this can give you some inspiration if you are looking for ways to add some good vibes to your space.

unnamed-5This DIY dreamcatcher adds a unique touch to the room, plus it was super fun to create!

unnamed-3This area is my little meditation spot. I bought the tapestry from Tree Of Life online, and I’m just absolutely in love with it! It’s huge and covers the entire wall, and really just creates such a peaceful atmosphere as soon as you look at it. The floor cushion I bought from Ishka, and it is super comfortable, especially when you are sitting for a long time. My peace lily is my newest addition and possibly my favourite. Did you know that Peace Lily’s act as an air purifier and they remove harmful toxins from the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide!

unnamed-2This is in the corner of the meditation space, and it includes a vision board that I made with my best friend 2 years ago, my bonsai tree names Richard, a plant mister, a candle, my DIY essential oil room spray from Kindred Self which is my favourite place to buy pure essential oils! It also has my Heartstorm Journal, kind of like brainstorming, but for the heart! I have some crystals there too, my Lush sleepy moisturiser (it smells amazing! Trust me) and a salt lamp. I am new to the world of salt lamps, but I can definitely say that I have noticed a difference in the air that I breathe – my allergies are basically non-existent now.

unnamed-4Lastly, here is the super cosy canopy that I built over my bed. It looks so beautiful but was literally so easy, quick, and cheap to construct. I bought a pair of $6 net curtains from ikea, stuck 4 hooks at each end of my bed, and then I tied a piece of twine on each end and literally draped the curtains over it. I then threw on some copper string lights and viola! I love sleeping under this, and it just adds a little bit of exoticness which I love.

I hope this can give you some ideas on how to bring a little bit of relaxation into your home

Love and light,
Shannon xoxo


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