Brain Over Binge


cropped-images-15.jpegTonight I began reading a book that I never finished called “Brain Over Binge” and I had forgotten how incredibly helpful it was to me one year ago when I first started it.

Over the holiday period I have fallen into a habit of binge eating again. My story is much like that of the author of this book, and my binge eating has always stemmed from food deprivation. It first began after my first big diet which where I developed orthorexia, and again at the end of 2015 and start of 2016 where I began starving myself. The book describes that binge eating is not a lack of willpower. It is not me being weak because I can’t stop eating for long enough. However, it is a normal response, a survival instinct, when the brain believes that it is not being fed enough, and it will do anything to get the nourishment that it needs. This becomes a problem when the binging forms into a habit. The more times that a person gives in to the animal brains desires, the stronger the connection in the brain becomes, and this is how a habit is formed. The good thing about this is that habits can be formed, just as habits can be broken, and so I know that binge eating is something that I can beat.

All binges being from one thing: an urge. Without an urge to binge, a binge will not occur. So all a person has to do is recognise when an urge occurs, and sit through it. Don’t try to fight it or argue with it. Just sit and observe. Our animal brain cannot make us do anything, and the act of binging is completely up to us. We make the conscious choice to not act upon our urges.

The more that a person doesn’t act on urges to binge, the easier it becomes to resist the urges, and eventually the urges do not pop up anymore. It is literally possible to re-write the wiring in the brain, and to un-do the habit that is binge eating.

I am so so grateful to have stumbled upon this book once again, and I am more determined than ever to leave this horrible eating disorder behind. I am confident that I can stand up against these binge urges and that I can watch them from afar. I am excited to move ahead from this moment onward as someone who is not affected by eating disorders.

If you are struggling with anything similar, I strongly recommend this book, and I’m also always available to chat. Feel free to message anytime – especially if you have struggled with this too and have any advice for me!

Love and light always,
Shannon xoxo


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  1. Ms. SG41 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been struggling a lot with restriction and purging since coming off my anxiety meds. I will get this book right away


    1. Definitely give it a read 🙂 it has helped me so much. Sending peace your way, love xx

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