Why My New Years Resolution Will Not Be To Lose Weight Or Get In Shape


It’s that time of year again, “new year new me”, the same old resolutions that never work out. For years and years and years my resolution has been to lose weight, and to get fit. Since I was 11 years old, once the clock struck 12, that was it, no more junk food, no more sugar, just clean, lean, healthy food.

Well this year it is going to be different. This year, I refuse to make a resolution based on physical looks and aesthetics. I’m not sure how many times I need to “lose all the weight” until I realise that it will not make me happy. There is no “perfect body”, and the sooner I accept that, the better.

So no, my resolution is not to lose weight and get that “bikini body” I always wanted. For 2017 my resolutions are to love myself. To practise self care, meditation, and yoga daily. To learn new skills and to take time out for me. I want to travel, to spend money more wisely, and to use my bicycle more. I want to nourish my body by feeding it beautiful whole foods. I want to be kind to others, and to myself… And my biggest resolution, is to not weigh myself. For an entire year. Because I want my life to be more than a number. I am tired of looking at old photos of me and being able to tell you my exact weight on that exact day that the photo was taken. I want to get to New Years next year and care so little about my weight that I don’t even think about the scales.

And now I challenge you. What other resolutions can you make, that will ensure that 2017 is all you want and more? What can you do today, to allow yourself to grow and flourish? How can you lavish yourself with self care and love? Life is so much more than what you weigh… So start living like you believe that!

Happy New Year
Love & Light
Shannon xo


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