Vegan Mac & Cheese

This is probably my favourite vegan recipe ever. It is so simple, quick, easy, and it tastes amazing! Pasta has always been a comfort food of mine, but this is one that doesn’t leave me feeling bloated and sluggish. It has 3 good serves of veggies in it too, which is always a plus!



1 cup brown rice macaroni (or whatever pasta you prefer)
1 medium sized white potato
2 carrots
1 brown onion
1/2 cup raw cashew nuts
1 tbs paprika
1 tbs garlic powder

Start by putting the pasta on to cook.
Then chop the potato, carrot, and onion, and put them on the stove to boil, until soft. This should take about 10-12 minutes.

While they are boiling, prepare the food processor by putting the cashew nuts in.

When the veggies are soft, strain them, and put them in the food processor, along with the paprika and garlic powder.
Process until all smooth.
When the pasta is cooked, drain, and return to saucepan.
Pour the cheesy sauce over top, stir, and ta da! The easiest, most deliciously healthy mac & cheese ever.

Sprinkle some paprika on top, and enjoy!


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